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3D – HIFU Face

High intensity focused ultrasound is skin tightening treatment. Its non-invasive, non-surgical treatment with no pain. HIFU uses a focused ultrasound energy to encourage the production of collagen. The ultrasound energy heats up the tissue cells in the layers of skin and targets the cells that cause cellular damage which increase collagen. In result it lifts the face. improves fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate skin and contour the muscles without damaging the upper layers Safe and effective treatment.

Recommended for Age 30+
Not suitable for everyone.
Consultation recommended
Course of treatment recommended.

3D – HIFU Body

As above HIFU or therapy permanently destroys the fat cells without harming the surface of the skin it also uses on body like stomach, love handles and arms to tone and tighten the saggy muscles.


Fat Freezing by CryoLipo

Cryolipolysis is known as fat freezing or Cool Sculpting is a non-invasive treatment by cooling of body fat to break down the fat cells without damaging the other permanently destroys the cells. Treatment is effective on stomach/abdomen, love handles/flanks, thighs, back bra area arms, under buttocks.


Price: From £80.00

The dermaroller is a skin care device and a form of micro needling involves a mini wheel covered with hundreds of tiny needles that create trauma and micro pathways to the skin for product to better penetrate into skin, it works like miracles for fading acne scars fine lines, even out skin tone, pigmentation. New skin grows and leads to healthier, plumper glowing skin.



Price: From £80.00

Dermapen facial is an advanced electrical micro- needling skincare treatment with minimum downtime. It helps to increase collagen production, improves stretch marks, wound healing acne scars, minimise open pores, improve skin tone, treat alopecia, improves wrinkles and fine lines help sun damaged skin and rejuvenate the skin.
Course of treatments recommended.


Price: From £120.00

Mesotherapy is a non – surgical treatment. It employs multiple injections of Vitamins, Enzymes, hormones into the skin to rejuvenate the skin tighten the skin and improves pigmentation, fine lines cellulite and stretch marks. course of 4- 6 treatments is recommended for optimum result.


Chemical peel is technique used to improve and smooth skin texture, it removes dead skin, and outermost layers of skin. improves fine lines, pigmentation and regenerate new tissue by using desired peeling solution on skin.

Whitening PeelFrom £55.00
Clarify PeelFrom £55.00
Anti-AgeingFrom £55.00


Price: From £55.00

Derma planning is a painless, non-invasive deep exfoliating treatment where dead skin is removed from the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and vellus hair by gently gliding the surgical scalpel, hair will grow back as the same rate and texture as before it helps to remove acne scarring, wrinkles, uneven skin tone. The outcome is flawless skin and smoother texture of skin.


Price: From £100.00

Its one of the latest anti-ageing treatments. It’s like a semi-permanent foundation. The BB Tinted serum is applied on skin with dermapen using nano needle that helps to stimulate the collagen production and penetrate the skin Results are amazing with no down time, no pain great for parties and holidays or special occasions. THE BB serums are made out natural ingredients that hydrates the skin. You get brighter healthier and radiant skin. One treatment last for 2 weeks course 6 treatments are recommended and last to 4 months.

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